Plans are set for another Esri Cup tournament on Sunday, December 5, 2010.

This will be a 6v6 tournament (five plus a goalie on each team) on a shortened field with goals. Teams are co-ed, minimum 2 women on the field during play, ten players total per team.

The plan is to have eight teams play in two groups of 4. After playing each team in your group once, the two best teams from each group advance to a knockout stage.

We also plan to host a few "friendlies" in the weeks preceding the tournament, to let teams play together and against one another. Check the schedule for dates and locations.

OK, OK, I want to play! How do you let us know you'd like to play? Easy: send this email to Jinwu Ma at Esri and you'll be added to the list of available players.

If you know you'd like to organize a team, include that in your email and you'll be assigned as a team captain. That just means you have final say over your own roster of players. Captain positions are taken on a first come, first served basis.

If you don't know what team you want to play on, no worries, we'll get your name out there and someone will pick you up.