Tournament Rules

Esri Cup
Tournament Rules 6v6
Updated November 24, 2010

FIFA Rules apply with the following exceptions:
Unlimited substitutions at midfield only and may be done at anytime; when other players exit the field. No need to inform the referee with the exception of a goalkeeper substitution.

Play Time
15-minute halves/2 minute halftime. Finals will be 20-minute halves.

All players must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to play. Teams must have at least four (4) players to avoid forfeit. The maximum number of players on the field of play is six (6). There will be a 2-minute grace time to the scheduled kickoff.

Coed Rule
Each team is required to have a minimum of three (3) men and two (2) women on the field at all times. The goalie can be of either gender.  If only one woman is present, the team will be required to play short as long as there is a minimum of four (4) players on the field.


Teams can have a maximum of ten (10) players on the roster. This includes two (2) non-Esri employees.

Game Play
Goals are worth one (1) point regardless of gender.

Goal kicks and throws from the goalie must touch the ground before crossing the halfway line.

Rather than throw-ins, kick-ins will take place when the ball crosses entirely over the touch lines.

Goals cannot be scored by direct kick-in. The ball must touch another player before scoring.

All free kicks, with the exception of penalty kicks, are indirect. The wall on a free kick is placed at six (6) yards from the spot of the ball.

No offsides.

Points of Play
Teams are awarded points for game results as follows:
1.       Win = 3 points
2.       Tie = 1 point
3.       Loss = 0 points

Any physical confrontation or aggression will disqualify the player or team for the rest of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS/NO REFUNDS.

Red Card
If a player receives a red card, he/she must sit out the rest of that game and the team may not substitute for that player. Red cards do not carry over to the next game unless they are for violence.

Tied Games
During bracket play, tied games will remain as a tie.
During playoffs, there will be two 5-minute sudden death halves. Should teams still be tied after the first 5-minute half, the second 5-minute half will be played without goalies. Should a tie persists, teams will go to a 3-3 shootout until somebody wins. Penalty takers must come from the field of play first and must alternate between male and female players.

Tie Breakers
Ties will be broken in the following order:
1.       Head to Head
2.       Goals Against
3.       Goals Differential

The referee has final say in all matters of the game. Any disputes concerning the score of the game or calls made by an official should be settled during each half.

NO SLIDE TACKLING. Sliding to get/prevent the ball from going out of bounds when no other player is nearby is permitted. The goalkeeper is the only player that may slide in the box (goal area). If the goalkeeper slides outside of his/her area, he/she will receive a yellow card.